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"In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things."

Miyamoto Musashi


Our Services

The key to success is knowing your goals (the destination); creating a strategy to achieve those goals (the map); and ensuring everyone in your organization understands the strategy and their role in implementing it (which routes they will take). Unfortunately it is often the case that what is clear to management or marketing is not clear to the engineers and vice verse leading to missteps along the road to success.

WJR Consulting bridges the technical and non-technical world. We call it translation but not in the traditional sense. We speak the language of engineers as well as that of your marketing, sales, and PR teams, and can help them understand each other allowing them to . This is as critical during the creation of your strategy as it is throughout the development process when design trade-offs are made every day. 

We can also assist in many of the areas of expertise that you may not have on staff or do not want to waste your valuable resources on.

Whether you are a start up, a Fortune 100, or an industry alliance, we will work with you to reach your destination. 

  • Standards and Alliances
    The decision to "go it alone", standardize, or to form an industry alliance is critical to your success. With extensive experience in national and international standards development, and in the formation and mangement of alliances, we will help you decide which will best meet your needs, guide you through the process, and even represent your company saving your valuable technical resources for development.
  • Marketing Strategies
    Your marketing strategy is the beginning, middle and end of the development process. Only by fully understanding your company's core strengths, target markets, sales channels, and your competition can the right design decisions, trade offs, and go-to-market strategy be made. We will work with your own knowledgeable staff to develop a strategy that works for you.
  • Productization
    Productization: "To convert something such as an idea...into a marketable and salable product."
    You can't sell technology, yet many technology startups try to do just that. WJR Consulting specializes in working with your staff to productize your solutions by developing targeted messaging that your customers' marketing and executive decision makers can understand.
  • PR
    With both a technical and marketing background, and extensive experience writing press releases, articles, and white papers, we are able to reduce complex technical ideas to a few simple concepts that can be easily understood by your target audience.