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"In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things."

Miyamoto Musashi


Standards & Alliances

  • What is it worth to have your intellectual property (IP) included in a national or international standard?
  • Which of your competitors are already working to get their competing IP into a standard and what can you do about it? 
  • Are there existing standards that you must meet or that will make your product more desirable, open new markets, or shorten your time-to-market? 
  • What is the difference between a Standards Developing Organization and an Industry Alliance?
  • How do you decide to standardize versus form an industry alliance? 

The issues surrounding standards and alliances are among the most misunderstood areas companies have to deal with. They can consume an enormous amount of your technical resources, yet ignoring them can cost far more. WJR Consulting will assess your needs, create a winning strategy, and assist you in its implementation.  

Bill Rose has participated in writing more than 50 national and international standards across multiple industries at IEEE, CEA, SAE, EPRI, TIA, NEMA, 1394TA, IEC/ISO, AHAM, UL, CSA, and elsewhere. He has also worked with Industry Alliances including HANA, 1394 TA, MOCA, HomeCNA, HomePlug, and others. 

A partial list of past and current positions held by Mr. Rose include:

  • Chairman, CEA Technical and Standards Council
  • Chairman, CEA Home Networking Committee (R7)
  • President, High Definition A/V Network Alliance (HANA)
  • Chairman, HANA Technical and Marketing Working Groups
  • Chairman, IEEE 802.22.1 (unlicensed use of TV Spectrum)
  • Chairman, 1394 Trade Association Marketing Working Group
  • Board Member, CEA Integrated Home Systems Division
  • Board Member, LonMark® Association
  • Vice Chairman, NEMA Personal Protection Committee
  • Member, SGIP EMII WG; Home-to-Grid WG; Business and Policy DEWG; PAP 3/4/9/10/15/17/18

Bill is or has been a member of over 25 standards, marketing and business groups covering areas as diverse as the Smart Grid, home networking, television and cable, electric vehicle charging and communication networks, home controls, white goods, high speed military networks, and electrical devices.